The students were rad and the whole thing made me frustrated about our present but hopeful about their future.
This future is silly. We could have had flying cars and world peace—instead we have proprietary AI chatbots and daily mass shootings.
What happens when you release billions of people to eff around on an addictive platform that encourages our worst human instincts? I think we're in the…
In 2022, US police killed more Americans than any year on record. Things feel headed the wrong way and high-key I want off this ride.
What I am looking forward to in 2023 and looking back on what brought me joy in 2022
Why I'm a Grinch, why the sheriff is a bum, and why it's good to be back with family
I think it's time to retire generational hot takes or walking back some of my prior smack talk (a little)
This week the US soccer community lost one of its giants and it inspired me to tell some people in my life how important they are to me.
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